Gold Coin Rates in India

Gold is a good commodity investment that is fetching very high returns these days. So investment in gold in the form of gold coins is a very good option for every individual who is willing to make money.

Most of the prominent banks in India sell gold coins. But which bank should you approach to buy gold coins? What is the rate of gold coins? Well, here are rates at which prominent banks in India selling gold coins.(Related: other sources to buy gold coins in India, fixed deposits with high interest rates , USD Exchange Rates, GBP Exchange Rates, USD FCNR Rates and GBP FCNR Rates)

Due to certain new regulations most of the banks in India has discontinued selling gold coins. So we are able to provide Gold Rates of very few banks.

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Gold Rates - Graph of past 1 year rates

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are the gold coin rates displayed in this page up to date?

Yes, they are up to date. The date at which the rates updated are displayed on the top heading of the page. Usually we update the rates of all the listed banks every day except on bank holidays.

What is the purity of Gold Coin rates listed above?

All most all the banks in India sell 24 Karat 99.99% pure gold Swiss made with Assay Certification. This is the highest level of purity standard followed by international organizations. Very few banks in India sell gold coins pure less than 99.99% at a bit lower price than the 99.99% pure gold. We list gold coin rates offered by prominent banks in India of gold quality 24 Karat 99.99% pure.

How accurate are the above mentioned Gold Coin rates?

We take utmost care while curating gold coin rates from various reputed banks in India that sell gold coins. If you find any discrepancy in the rates, please let us know we will correct them as soon as possible.

How can I use this information?

Well as however you like but not to trouble us. We are providing this information for free of cost and hoping that it’ll help you. We believe our service helps you in easily finding the banks that offers gold coins in India at best prices. The rates provided above are for information purpose. As the gold rates are highly volatile and banks change them quite often, we suggest you to drop into the nearest bank and check for the exact gold coin rates.