Rs. 70.38
  • One of world's top 5 transfer companies
  • No fee to transfer money with Bank A/C
  • Takes up to 3 days to deposit money


Ria Money Transfer with headquarters located in California, USA, is helping immigrants to transfer money across the globe for the past 25 years. With an online presence and office/agent locations across USA, Ria Money Transfer offers competitive exchange rates and provides zero dollar fee money transfer services to India. Though online money transfers are the most preferred way to many NRIs these days, its nice to an option to walk into an office nearby especially when payment source is cash.

Through its web based online service, NRIs can use ACH Transfers, Credit Cards and Debit Cards to transfer money. ACH Transfers doesn’t attract any fee irrespective of the amount of money being transferred, but card based transactions costs dearly; especially credit card based transfer fees are insane, ~$90.00 fee for $2990.00. Transfer time also seems to be not as good as the modern players like Xoom, Remitly and they range from few hours to 3 days depending on receivers bank.

Being one among the top 5 players of remittance services globally and also by powering Walmart-to-Walmart money transfer service is USA, Ria Money Transfer service is a trusted and well established service USA. With competitive exchange rates and no fee services, Ria Money Transfer Service attracts customers who like to walk into a store for initiating money transfers. But for those who want to instantly transfer money or use their smartphones for transferring money likely look for other options

Exchange Rate Trend

The graph above shows the history of exchange rates offered by Ria Money Transfer

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Transfer Fees

To transfer money to India, Ria Money Transfer charges the following fee

Amount Fee
Bank Account
Upto $2999 $0.00
Credit Card
Upto $100 $4.0

Transfer Options

Following payment options are available for Senders to initiate money transfers

  • ACH Transfer
  • Wire Transfer
  • Cash
  • Check
  • Credit/Debit Card

Receiving Options

    Receivers in India can get the money with one of the following options

  • Bank Account
  • Demand Draft
  • Cash Pickup
  • Check

Contact Information

+1 (877) 443-1399
6565 Knott Ave, Buena Park, CA, USA 90620
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