Compare Today's US Dollar Exchange Rates To India

To help you find best remittance service, here is our service to compare exchange rates and fees of leading remittance services for transferring money to India from USA.

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Service Today's Rate
TransferWise Exchange Rate
Rs. 68.07*
RemitLite Exchange Rate
Rs. 68.14*
Reserve Bank Of India Exchange Rate
Rs. 68.08*
Ria Money Transfer Exchange Rate
Rs. 67.87*
Remitly (Economy) Exchange Rate
Rs. 67.79*
Placid Express Exchange Rate
Rs. 67.79*
Transfast (VALUE+) Exchange Rate
Rs. 67.73*
Indus Fast Remit Exchange Rate
Rs. 67.60*
State Bank Of India Exchange Rate
Rs. 67.60*
Axis Remit (ACH Transfer) Exchange Rate
Rs. 67.52*
Zenbanx Exchange Rate
Rs. 67.51*
HDFC Quick Remit Exchange Rate
Rs. 67.50*
Transfast (FASTRACK Bank) Exchange Rate
Rs. 67.43*
Remitly (Express) Exchange Rate
Rs. 67.43*
ICICI Money 2 India Exchange Rate
Rs. 67.42*
Xoom Exchange Rate
Rs. 67.38*
Transfast (FASTRACK Debit Card) Exchange Rate
Rs. 67.38*
Remit2India Exchange Rate
Rs. 67.35*
Western Union Exchange Rate
Rs. 67.31*
Axis Remit (Wire Transfer) Exchange Rate
Rs. 65.85*

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I transfer money to India even if I don’t have an Indian bank account?

Yes. You don’t need an Indian bank account to transfer money to India from USA. For example services like Western Union or Xoom never require you to have a bank account to use their services.

Can I transfer money to my Friends/Family member if they don’t have an Indian bank account?

Yes, but with limitations on the amount of money you send. For example when you transfer money using Western Union, your friends/family can go to the nearest Western Union agent office and collect cash by showing an identification proof like Driver’s license, passport or voter card.

Which bank gives the best exchange rate?

Exchange rates offered by banks and other institutions for transferring money are highly dynamic. They change quite often and that is the reason why we setup this page to help you figure out the service that provides best exchange rate.

What are locked in rates and Indicative exchange rates?

When you transfer money to India you can either use locked in exchange rates or indicative exchange rates. With locked in exchange rates you will know the exact amount of money that will be sent to your friends/family when you transfer. Let say if today’s locked in exchange rate for 1 USD is 55 rupees then transferring 100 USD would send 5500 rupees to your family/friends account. You may call them and inform the exact amount they will be receiving.

On the other hand Indicative exchange rates do not tell you exact money sent to your family/friends. The exchange rate for the dollars you transferred are determined at the time of money transfer to your friends/family accounts. Let’s say you use a bank to transfer money and they take 2 days to send money to India. You transferred $1000 today and the exchange rate is at 55. The amount of money received by your friends/family after two depends on the exchange rate on that specific day. If the exchange rate on the day of transferring is at 56, your family/friends will get 5600 rupees. If it falls to 54 then they will get 5400.

Which service you prefer to use for transferring money to India?

For me best exchange rates is not the criteria to choose a service. I prefer an easy to use service and also the time they take to transfer money. I've been transferring money to India for the past 4 years or so. Several years ago ICICI was my favorite service and these days I’m using Xoom. Xoom is super easy to use and ultra-fast in transferring money. I love their customer support as well as their Mobile Apps which allows transferring money from smartphones.

If I’ve to transfer money to someone who doesn't have a bank account, I prefer to use Western Union as my family members can just walk in to the nearest Western Union agent and collect cash by showing their ID card.

Though other services offer better exchange rates compared to Xoom, I prefer it. If you would like to maximize the money you get, check the exchange rates above and go with the service offering best exchange rates.